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My Reality

3 June 1982
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My name is Gabrielle. I am just your average 27
year old nurse. Here are some words that can be
used to describe me: sweet, timid, intelligent,
brunette, funny, procrastinator, caring, dorky,
affectionate, honest, unique, friendly, saucy,
opinionated, hopeful, emotional, spoiled, open
minded, obnoxious, demure, easily amused, fun
loving, generous, goofy, rambler, passionate,
overthinker, beautiful, sarcastic, sensitive,
blunt, witty, laidback, nerdy, silly, joker,
insomniac. I'm just myself! Love me or hate me!


I live in my own little apartment. My parents
are still married after 30 yrs and still going
strong. I have an older brother, Nash, who is
35. He is married an awesome girl named Sarah.
I have a beautiful little niece, Teagan. I have
plenty of aunts, uncles, & cousins. Most of my
family lives in the midwest (North Dakota and


I have a wonderful group of friends. I've known
them all (or most of them) since high school or
before. I have three best friends, Renee, Tdawg
and Aaron. I've known Renee for 23 years now. I
am a proud Godmom of her 2 beautiful children,
Paris and Dylan. Jayson is a huge part of my
life. He is my very best friend. I never knew
that a gay guy would be the one to complete me
the way he does. My friends are what keep me
sane. If it weren't for them I would be in some
mental institution.


NHRA, acoustic guitars, alcohol, blood, water,
affection, day dreamin, affection, road trips,
animals, photography, toenail polish, dancing,
bubble baths, sex, babies, thunder storms, hot
showers, hands, serial killers, water, movies,
lipgloss, lotion, learning, romance, snow, drag
racing, back rubs, kisses, the snooze button,
video games, rain, singing, hot tubs, dreaming,
eyes, warm nights, the beach, family, friends,
cuddling, shoes, sleepin in, drivin, forensics,
football, laughing, reading, driving


waking up in the morning, liars, pen clickers,
attention whores, fakers, slow drivers, alarms
clocks, power outages, being alone, ignorance,
wet hair, followers, getting visits from aunt
flow, posers, being broke, dirty hair, whiners,
plans, bitches, whores, traffic, fires, fucked
up teeth, highstrung people, nightmares, fires,
morons, fake blonde hair


Slightly Stoopid, Stone Sour, Poe, Sublime, AFI,
Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Adema, Dry Kill Logic,
Brand New, Placebo, Jessica Andrews, Atmosphere,
Early November, Kenny Chesney, Audioslave, Pearl
Jam, Tim McGraw, Live, Hed PE, Oleander, Staind,
Radiohead, STP, Tori Amos, Fuel, Tantric, Aesop
Rock, Silverchar, Collective Soul, Eagles, Skid
Row, Straylight Run, Martina McBride, Nirvana


Love Actually, Basic, Kill Bill, I Am Sam, Fast
Times, Beautiful Mind, Legends of the Fall, Mad
Love, Fried Green Tomatoes, Interview With The
Vampire, Girl Interrupted, Pulp Fiction, Dirty
Dancing, American Pie, Supertroopers, Breakfast


I finished Nursing School in May of 2004. I took
my state board and passed! I can legally poke
people with needles now! I plan to go on to RN
school and then into forensics. I am seriously
considering becoming a medical examiner! I plan
to one day have a husband and kids!!


I write for myself. I do NOT write for
anyone else. My life isn't overly exciting. My
journal reflects that. I am not picky, so I add
almost everyone! Just add me and comment on an
entry of mine :).

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acoustic guitars, affection, alcohol, anatomy and physiology, animals, astrology, babies, beach, beastie boys, black and white photographs, books, brand new, butterflies, camp fires, candles, cats, chatting, children, chocolate, clothes, collective soul, coloring, comedy, concerts, conversation, creativity, csi, cuddling, dancing, day dreaming, dolphins, drag racing, dreams, driving, drykill logic, education, emotions, eyes, faith hill, flowers, forensics, friends, genetics, get up kids, guys, hands, holding hands, homestarrunner, hot chocolate, hottubs, hugging, hugs, humor, individualism, intelligence, johnny depp, joydrop, juliana theory, june spirit, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kissing, lady bugs, laughing, learning, life, lipgloss, lips, lisa loeb, listening, live, love, luck boys confusion, makeup, making fun of myself, medical stuff, medicine, men, michelle branch, money, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, neurology, nhra, nick at nite, nine days, no doubt, ocean, oleander, open minded people, people, pharrell williams, photography, pictures, playstation, poe, psychology, quotes, radiohead, rain, randomness, reading, road trips, romance, shedaisy, shoes, shopping, showers, shows, sleeping, sleeping in, smiling, snooze button, snow, snowboarding, sociology, sports, stars, stephen king, strawberries, sublime, summer, swimming, switchfoot, talking, thinking, throwing rocks at boys, thunder, thunderstorms, tim mcgraw, toenail polish, tonic, unsent letters, venting, video games, water, will and grace